Raising your house

What you should consider when raising your home

Floods have been devastating in Texas. The Hurricane Harvey was nature at its fiercest, about 52 inches rainfall was recorded- baffling and unprecedented. Quite a show of vengeance from Mother Earth from all the blows we have been wracking on her with global warming. Alright, the hurricane is gone and Texas is struggling to come back on its feet from the crippling flood. The floods will not be very friendly to our buildings either. One way to remedy this could be house raising. Yes, house raising is one way out of the hurricane mess pertaining to the safety of the building.

House raising requires the best of seasoned construction experts not some rickety contractor with fiddling experience. It is a hefty project with many technical details to be attended to. But before you get this house raising expert, what are some of the things that you should consider that would decide the quantity of work that the house raising would involve. Having the idea of the amount of work that such house raising will suck would give you a primordial idea of how much it could cost you.

The first thing you should consider when you are thinking about proceeding with the house raising exercise is the weight of the building. You will understand that it is very natural for the effort or cost of house raising to be proportionate to the weight of the building. That is, it is going to take a whole load of work if your building is reasonably bulky and massive. That implies that the number of floors your building has would have its consequence in the house raising process. Lesser efforts would be exerted in house raising of a simple house.

Therefore from a practical perspective, it is going to take more loads of effort to raise a two-story building compared to the effort involved in raising a building consisting of just one story. These efforts correspond to cost as the house raising constructors would charge you more. However, the good news is that it is quite customary for the house raising constructors to give you an approximate estimate or cost sketch regarding your square footage.

Another parameter that would factor into consideration for this house building project is the condition of the house you are raising. If you are in Texas, for example, the chances are very high that your home should have been affected by the recent hurricane. It is also possible that the floods could have inflicted some structural hurt to the bottom floor of your house. The flood would have most likely impacted the foundation of your building destructively. Therefore it is going to take more resources to lift a house already suffering from foundational damages provoked by the flood. The house raising constructors would deploy more caution based on the delicacy of the damage so as not to deteriorate the already existing damage. All these will demand more efforts from your house raising company.

Every of these parameters should be put on the consideration table before you get a house raising constructor. Always remember that house raising is not a baby’s job. It would be seriously consequential if you give this task which is a man’s job to a boy. Only experts would do, no compromise would work. This is why you should contact us if you need to raise your home. We have been years in the home construction business. Only excellence has taken us this far.