house lifting

Questions to ask your house lifting company

House lifting is one good way to protect the stability of your building. House lifting brings its added juice of protecting your foundation from ugly eventualities like floods and the rest. However, in the beauty of house lifting, house lifting remains a very delicate affair, requiring a humongous amount of caution and technicality on the part of the company. It also requires pragmatism on your side. Pragmatism in the sense that you must be careful when choosing your house lifting company. The delicacy of a house lifting project demands that you only award the job to competent hands. Getting such competent hands involves asking questions and possibly screening the companies available to do the project. Let us examine some crucial questions you should ask your house lifting company.


Could this be the first house you are lifting?

This may look quite controversial and even provocative. But at the end you would be vindicated you asked. House lifting demands adept experience in the niche of foundation repairs. Even house moving is not the same technically as house lifting. That should tell you the peculiarity of the project at hand. Although everyone must have a first time. Wisdom suggests that a contractor shouldn’t start his house lifting career with your home. This doesn’t mean you are stifling newcomers and innovation, but your precious home should do better in the hands of an experienced contractor.

If no, can you please enlighten me on the houses you have lifted in the past, and can I get references?

This should rightly follow in, if the contractor agrees that he has done house lifting in the past and your home is rightly not the first, then he should be willing at least to give you some references. The truth is many contractors if truly that is their first time gunning for a house lifting project, would most likely jump aboard the bandwagon of those parading themselves as gurus in house lifting. Knowing the number of homes they have raised before now is important. This is because not every house is structurally the same. This variety also applies to how the house lifting would be done too.

The contractor should be willing to share with you his experience in house lifting. He should tell you the homes he has done before and most importantly, he should give you references for your background investigation. It surely goes more than showing you a captivating bunch of buildings they have raised. You get on the ground and go run your check. Ask the house owners, what they feel about the contractor, their satisfaction and if they would recommend the same contractor for you. Do you think this is stressful? Consider the amount of money that you would have soaked into the water if you award the house lifting project to the wrong hand.

Good, so can you kindly brief me on your Insurance Coverage?

You just can’t do without insurance. It is almost suicidal trying to do your house lifting with a contractor with no insurance. It doesn’t even matter if you have your home insured already. To clearly keep off some biting incongruences you could taste at all in the future, it is advisable that the contractor is adequately insured and covers for any possible damage the house lifting inadvertently wrecks on your home. In as much an experienced hand will carry out the project, anything can still happen accidentally. This is where an insurance comes in handily.

Don’t forget always go for experience and reliability when hiring house lifting companies. Our repairs experts boast both in sufficient quantity. We have been in home repairs for over 30 years. We bring all these experience to your room.