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Pier and beam foundation is one of the oldest and most  common foundation designs.  Abry Brothers have been repairing pier and beam foundations since 1840!  We are a rare breed in that our craftsmen understand pier and beam more than most foundation companies as it is a dying skill set.  As a foundation company created in the 1800’s our speciality for a very long time was pier and beam.  Every craftsman on staff must not only understand the intricacies of slab foundation, but is also trained in our history of  Pier and beam foundation repair .  Whether your home is pier and beam or slab foundation our craftsmen are trained, skilled and knowledgeable foundation repair professionals.

Pier and Beam Advantages

Until the early 1950s, the pier and beam foundation was the most common type of foundation built. These foundations tend to be robust and long-lasting, but not everlasting.

There are many benefits to having a pier and beam foundation which is why some foundation experts prefer this method. For one it allows better access to the bottom of the house where repairs are often needed. By having a “crawl space” under your home, a professional can check for plumbing and foundation problems much easier than with slab foundation.

Because the home is elevated off the ground, a house with pier and beam foundation problems may demonstrate a range of issues including sagging, squeaky floors, cracks in walls and around door and window frames, and so on. In most cases, the cause is water and there are a number of solutions that can be implemented to repair the foundation. The 5 most common issues with pier and beam foundations are shim failure, movement of interior piers, decay or damage to the beams or joists, movement of exterior piers, and drainage problems.


Abry Brothers History of Excellence

Abry Brothers work tirelessly to maintain and build on our long history of remarkable foundation work. Whether you are a homeowner that needs foundation work or an industrial sized commercial company who requires foundation fix, we are here and ready to lend you our expertise. Trust the company that has been repairing and installing pier and beam foundation since 1840. You don’t get a second chance to repair this kind of failure.  Trust a company that has been doing this for decades.

Pier and beam structural repairs

Why should I repair my pier and beam foundation?

Your foundation is what keeps your home stable and strong, keeping your home upright and solid. If you’re planning on rebuilding or elevating your home, it’s important that your foundation is in good shape. So if you’re experiencing any issues with your pier and beam foundation, it’s time to fix them.

What are common issues with pier and beam foundations?

Homeowners with pier and beam foundations generally experience similar issues with their foundation as it ages, or if there were any structural damages or mistakes in the original build. There’s many complications that can happen, but these are the most common complications that we help fix around the Texas area.

  • Faulty construction mistakes – unfortunately, many building companies make common mistakes when building homes, and we frequently see issues that were caused by the original builder that have since affected your pier and beam foundation. We often see homes with moving beams from a shifting foundation, which is something that can be caused by unstable foundation piers. For us to remedy this type of situation, we typically stabilize your piers in order to keep them from cracking and collapsing.
  • Home tilting and moving issues. In areas that are prone to flooding, or in areas where the ground is especially soft, homes can move, shift, sink or tilt over the years, or after a major natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane. If your home has shifted, we can come in and add pier and foundation supports to keep your foundation from developing any issues related to the shift.
  • Mold and mildew. It’s common to see a damp crawlspace underneath your home that begins to develop mildew and mold issues. These issues can start deteriorating your wooden beams, meaning that they’ll need to be replaced before the damage becomes extensive. In addition, removing any mold and mildew from your home is essential for your personal health, and that of your family. We can help you replace the beams that have been damaged by mold or mildew, and make sure that there’s shimming in place to help stabilize your beams for the future.

How complicated is the repair process for pier and beam foundations?

The repair process, including timeline and cost, all depends on which issue you’re experiencing with your foundation. If you have a more complicated issue with your foundation, or you’re in an older house with issues that might be spreading throughout the foundation, you might find yourself paying a little more for your repair, and for it to take more time.

Easier, more common repairs that involve installing steel shims to stabilize the beams around your house, often cost much less than larger repairs, such as installing concrete piers around the edges of your home to support the foundation. It depends on what your home needs, and what the particular situation is.

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