Methods of Foundation Repair

Below is a comparison of the four major methods of foundation repair used in Texas. While each has its advantages and its disadvantages, a side-by-side comparison of Dawson’s Bell Bottom Pier method clearly demonstrates that it is the most reliable way to solve a home foundation problem permanently. This method is proven and has been tested over time. This is the same building concept used to build support columns for bridges and highway overpasses. And the following link will help you compare the true cost of foundation repair. When you get the facts, you can be confident in your decision to trust Dawson Foundation Repair.
If you would like a more technical examination of each of the methods of foundation repair, check out ADSC’s (The Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors) article Potential Heave in the Pressed Concrete & Pressed Steel Piles in Residential Foundation Construction which details serious problems with piling methods in the Dallas metroplex area and how they can damage your home’s foundation – or take a look at the conclusions of PhD recipient Tom Witherspoon made in Load Capacity Testing and Analysis of Residential Underpinning Systems in Expansive Clay Environment.