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The Community Services Department is located in the Wharton Civic Center at 1924 North Fulton Street. The Community Services Department is responsible for Community Development, which includes the administration and application of numerous State and Federal Grants. For information regarding the programs, please contact the Community Services Department at (979) 532-4811, Ext. 603.
The grant division’s mission of the Community Services Department, in coordination with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to help the citizens of Wharton to achieve an improved quality of life through the development of better communities by providing assistance for public infrastructure improvements, housing, economic development and planning activities.
Section 8 is the Statewide Housing Assistance Program administered through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs in Austin, Texas and the City of Wharton. This program provides rental assistance payments on behalf of low-income families, elderly, disabled, handicapped, displaced, and single individuals. The amount of financial assistance is based on the annual family income and allowances for which the family qualifies.
Currently the City of Wharton is providing assistance for 50 families.

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Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of streets, City garage, water, sewer and garbage collection. The Street Department is responsible for maintaining all streets, drainage from storm drains to open ditches, mowing and cleaning of right of way easements and mowing City properties. The Garage division is responsible for maintenance and repair of City vehicles.
The Water/Sewer Department is responsible for all functions to provide water and dispose of sewage, including maintaining and operating the water wells, storage tanks, water transfer (booster) pumps, water lines, wastewater plants, lift pumping stations, and sewer lines.
The Solid Waste Service are currently under a contract with Waste Corporation of America for providing collection and disposal of solid waste for the City.
Five (5) employees provide two (2) million gallons of water daily. The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission has awarded Wharton a Superior Water System Rating.
Four (4) employees maintain two (2) Treatment Plants and Collection Systems.
Utility Accounting