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Sealy-Water-TowerIn the early 1820s, Anglo-American settlement a few miles to the northeast of the Sealy vicinity began when the township of San Felipe de Austin, soon to become the capital of Stephen F. Austin’s colony, was founded on the west bank of the Brazos River. In the mid-1870s, the people of San Felipe declined an offer by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway to route its new Galveston-Brenham spur through their town. Instead, the railroad was sold a right-of-way through the western section of the original 22,000-acre municipal tract. In 1875, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe line purchased an 11,635-acre tract of land from the San Felipe de Austin Town Corporation (out of the original 22,000-acre Mexican land grant of 1824 for San Felipe) and began surveying a townsite south of Bullinger’s Creek along the projected line of its new Galveston-Brenham spur. When the railroad reached the site not long thereafter, railroad yards and a roundhouse were constructed, and the railroad became the area’s principal employer. With the arrival of German and Czech settlers, farming and ranching also became part of the local economy, and the settlement became a shipping center for the produce of local farmers and ranchers. By 1879, the bustling town of Sealy had been founded, which was named in honor of George Sealy, a director of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe. In 1880, a post office was established in the community, and soon many residents and businesses moved from San Felipe to the new commercial center. The Missouri, Kansas and Texas extended a spur through Sealy in 1895, and the Cane Belt Railroad completed a third road six years later.

Around 1900, the town experienced a series of misfortunes, including a disastrous Brazos River flood in 1899, the relocation of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe division headquarters to Bellville, Texas (just north of Sealy) in January of the next year, and the devastating hurricane of 1900, which struck in September. However, the establishment of such manufacturing enterprises as the Haynes Mattress Factory, the Engelking Brothers Broom Factory, and the Sealy National Bank helped to build the commercial reputation of the growing community. On August 16, 1949, the residents of Sealy voted to incorporate the small town as Austin County’s newest city.

Things To Do

Public Works/Utilities

Water Department
The Water Department operates and maintains  systems for the production, storage, and distribution  of potable water in accordance with requirements of State and Federal Agencies. Operational activities  are maintained on a 24 hour basis. The City is a member of the Blue Bonnet Water Conservation District  pays for water that is pumped in Austin County. Infrastructure  maintained by this department includes all water  mains, valves, fire hydrants, 2085 taps and meters, 4 water wells, 2 elevated tanks, 3  ground storage tanks, 3 booster pump  stations.

The City’s well system is looped to ensure residents are never without water, in the event  a well is not operating. The Water Department flushes all dead end hydrants on a monthly  basis and all fire  hydrants on a semi-annual basis to keep sediment from forming at the end of the water lines. Citizens should contact the Water Department with concerns of water leaks, water quality, high usage, and low pressure.

The City  has maintained  a Superior Water District Rating for the past 20 years and is dedicated  to continuing this service to the citizens. The 2013 Drinking Water report is a summary of the quality of the water that we provide to our customers.

Sewer Department
The Sewer Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection and reclamation systems. Wastewater  generated by customers throughout the City flows  through gravity and forced mains and lift stations where it is pumped to the Reclamation Center. Reclaimed water is discharged into Allen’s Creek. Activities in  this department include emergency response to stoppages, routine cleaning and inspection of  mains, pump and valve maintenance, laboratory analysis, and 24/7 operations of the lift stations and  Reclamation Center.
Gas Department
Natural Gas – Use your Senses.  Learn how to recognize a suspected leak – Click HERE.

Pay your utility bill the free and easy way. Complete the Authorization for Automatic Payment of Utility Bill Via ACH Debit. Submit this form, along with a voided check from your checking account, to the City of Sealy to have your utility bill amount drafted from your bank account each month.