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showimageModern San Marcos, Texas was founded in 1851 and has flourished for more than 161 years. In 2001, the community celebrated our Sesquicentennial–our 150th Birthday–with an entire year of special events, commemorations and special publications.

But the story of this place and what it has meant to human beings is actually an ancient story–dating back more than 12,000 years! Ancient Native Americans–the Clovis Indians–lived, hunted and fished along the banks of a pristine river that mysteriously burst from underground with a rush of clear, clean water and flowed to southeast. The mild year-round climate, the profusion of game and fish–and we suspect, the incredible the beauty of this place at the edge of the ancient hills and blackland prairie–invited the Native Americans to stay here continuously through modern times.

“150 Years in San Marcos” is a great historical overview of the San Marcos story produced by the City of San Marcos in partnership with the San Marcos Daily Record and Hays Free Press in 2001.

The Greater San Marcos Partnership is a public-private partnership focused on job creation and increased investment in Hays and Caldwell Counties, diversifying the regional economy and creating economic opportunity for our citizens.

Our mission is to promote sustainable and comprehensive economic development in the greater San Marcos region by implementing a five-year economic development strategic plan.
The GSMP was officially organized in July 2010, but the work on a comprehensive economic development strategy began in January 2009 when greater San Marcos’ leaders engaged Market Street Services as facilitator.

In October 2010, the GSMP embarked on a public-private fundraising campaign to underwrite the $4MM five-year implementation plan. By April 2010, the partnership had secured funding from 75 public-private investors and opened new offices at 1340 Wonder World Drive, San Marcos, Texas.

Besides implementing the strategic plan, the GSMP administers separate contracts with Hays County and the City of San Marcos for economic development services. The GSMP also oversees and administers Economic Development San Marcos (EDSM), a thirteen-member city appointed board charged with the review and approval of business incentive requests for the City of San Marcos.

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City of San Marcos Welcomes Uber

City’s First Transportation Networking Company

San Marcos residents, Texas State University students and visitors now have a new, innovative way to get around San Marcos and the surrounding area. Ride-sharing service Uber launched in San Marcos and Hays County on Thursday. The company says they offer a safe, reliable and affordable ride at the tap of a button. San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp agrees.

“I am excited about Uber’s entrance into the San Marcos alternative transportation market. While I have been pleased with the transportation options currently available to our citizens, additional options for our residents and visitors is not only a great idea, but one that contributes to our goal of reducing the number of intoxicated drivers on the streets,” said Police Chief Chase Stapp.

Uber customers use the company’s app, which utilizes their phone’s GPS to detect their location and connects them with the nearest available driver.