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Chamber_Members_005Needville was founded by August Schendel, a German immigrant from Washington County who in 1891 purchased a 160 acres tract of land from H& TC Railroad. In 1892, August Schendel established a general store in the area he named Schendelville. When he made application for a Post Office in the settlement of Schendelville, he tried to use the name “Needmore”, since everybody seemed “to need more things”. It seems that Needmore was already taken, so Schendel settled for the name Needville. It remains Needville to this date. Needville’s early settlers were mostly of German and Czech heritage. Needville is located on state highway 36 in Fort Bend County, ten miles south of US 59 and southwest of Houston, Texas.

Things To Do

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Mission Statement
The Needville Area Chamber of Commerce strives to work together with its members to
build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in the Needville area.

Vision Statement

The Needville Area Chamber of Commerce seeks:
•To promote Needville area businesses and to “Shop Needville First”
•To unite local businesses to make Needville a better place to work and live
•To grow its membership, both small and large companies
•To obtain support of all Needville businesses
•To help Needville reach its full potential in growth and prosperity