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bridge (1)Welcome to the City of Nassau Bay Human Resources section. The City of Nassau Bay is an equal opportunity employer that strives to recruit, select, and promote qualified individuals for full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions.

Recruitment and selection are conducted in a way to ensure open competition and to provide equal opportunity for all applicants.

The Human Resources office:
Administers, coordinates, and implements citywide personnel functions, including recruitment, classification, compensation, employee benefits, extensive record keeping, and safety/loss prevention – all in compliance with federal and state laws
Receives employee grievances, maintains employee handbooks and policy manuals, and assists employees with retirement, health benefits, and workers’ compensation claims
Assists supervisors with performance appraisals, disciplinary issues, compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and terminations

Real Estate
Residential Real Estate
Homes on the waterNassau Bay is full of affordable quality homes. Available housing includes single-family dwellings, condominiums, townhomes, and apartments. The City provides free back-door garbage pick up for all homes.

The City continues to be a favored residential location for aerospace and petrochemical industry personnel and other professionals. Situated between Houston and Galveston and surrounded by many points of interest, recreation, entertainment, and shopping, Nassau Bay has a casual, friendly charm that residents love.

Employees transferring into the Clear Lake area will find that for the same amount or even less money they can afford larger, more comfortable homes here than they could in the cities from which they relocated.

According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, an 1,800 square-foot home in the Clear Lake area costs considerably less than it would in U.S. cities of comparable size.

Nassau Bay is also family-oriented. We’re committed to raising children in a safe and challenging environment, with technology at their fingertips and the inspiration of space exploration at their backs.

Things To Do

City of Nassau Bay Recognized as 2015 Playful City USA Community

The national non-profit organization KaBOOM! in partnership with the Humana Foundation, has named the City of Nassau Bay a 2015 Playful City USA community for its efforts to provide children with access to a variety of safe opportunities for play. Nassau Bay is one of 19 cities in Texas and 241 communities nationwide to receive this designation.

“KaBOOM! uses the word “playability” to describe the extent to which a city makes it easy for kids to get balanced and active play. We are proud to be designated as a leader in playability,” said Nassau Bay City Manager Chris Reed. “With today’s technologies and electronics, children and adults are becoming more and more sedentary, so it is vital that we do everything we can to improve and encourage people to be active, enjoy the outdoors, and socialize with their neighbors face-to-face.”

Nassau Bay is a waterfront community and all Nassau Bay residents live within walking distance of a city park with a variety of amenities. In the past few years, Nassau Bay’s demographics have changed. Parks and amenities had been focused on the past demographics where the majority of residents were adults. Now more families with young children have moved to Nassau Bay, so the City is working to revamp the parks and add amenities for people of all ages to enjoy. The City’s most recent additions include: a Nature Trail on the peninsula, a dog park, and a boardwalk along Clear Creek. The City is currently working on improvements to Lake Nassau Park, including: adding new playground features, replacing the basketball pavilion roof, and renovating the restrooms.

“Playability is crucial to the success of our future communities, and we are proud of the work these cities and leaders are doing to provide a better quality of life for all residents, and especially families,” says KaBOOM! President, James Siegal. “Play provides a competitive advantage for cities looking to attract and retain residents. With these esteemed leaders, and our friends and partners across the country, we continue to prioritize play for all kids.”

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award and hope our neighboring cities and those nationwide will join the efforts to improve playability for all ages in their communities,” said Reed.