Foundation Repair Nacogdoches Texas

downloadhe Historic Sites Department is dedicated to preserving local history and sponsors a wide range of activities that help bring history alive for the City of Nacogdoches. Our staff stays busy ensuring the preservation of four city owned historic buildings. Each one is unique and an important part of Nacogdoches history.

The Historic Sites Department offers tours of two of the buildings five days a week, annual programs designed for the whole family, limited research assistance and many educational opportunities for teachers and the public. We truly believe our historic properties are wonderful tools to teach children and adults about the rich history we have here in Nacogdoches. We would love for you to come visit!

Get Involved by Volunteering
Looking for a way to get involved? The Historic Sites Department is always looking for volunteers. Whether you would like to help maintain the heirloom gardens, give tours at one of the museums, or help behind the scenes with cataloging and photographing there is a place for you. Contact the Historic Sites Department for more information.

Things To Do


CCheck your bicycle and make sure that it is working properly. The brakes are working, the tires have the correct air pressure and the front and rear lights are working.

YYour helmet, it is not required by law, but it is highly suggested. Our club does not allow anyone to ride without a helmet on our rides.

CConspicuous, wear bright colored clothing, make eye contact with the motorist and use both front and rear flashing lights to attract a motorist’s attention both during the day and night. You want to be EXTEMELY VISIBLE! Our club cannot stress this enough.

LLaw, it is the law that bicycles must ride with the flow of the traffic and obey all the same traffic laws as other vehicles. Stay to the far right side of the road; stop at all stop signs and obey the traffic lights.

EExample, set a good example for other bicyclists and be a good ambassador for cyclists everywhere.

SShare the Road! Always be friendly and keep your cool. A motor vehicle is a lot larger than you are!

Be Safe Out There!