Foundation Repair Houston Texas

Foundation Repair Houston Texas

Abry Brothers is the industry leader in Foundation Repair Houston Texas, our strength and experience in identifying  foundation problems  has enabled us to help our customers save a lot of money, and time in repairs, and most importantly putting them and their families at ease.  Some of our services in the Houston area include:

Soil Type in Houston Texas

The soil in Houston is made up of a mixture of components, such as clays, loam, and sand. Having the dark gumbo clay as being the leading soil type in Houston, Texas. Nevertheless the soil can be predominating in the Harris County area and its surrounding cities, which can lead to needing foundation repair Houston.

Causes Of Foundation Problems in Houston

Residential home structures in the southern Metropolitan Houston area often  experience movements of slab, because of the highly expansive subsoil. The slab distresses are mainly caused by a primary factor or at times multiple factors, in which we can divide them into 5 parts:

  1. Constructionfoundation repair houston tx
  2. Design
  3. Maintenance
  4. Materials
  5. Wear and tear

Cases of various residential slab foundation movements evaluated through complete Level C forensic soil moisture variations as well as the tree effects, and their related influences towards the foundations are further discussed. Such problems will lead to needing foundation repair Houston TX.

Foundation Repair Houston TX distress is commonly observed in the areas where expansive soils are present. The changes of moisture content in the expansive soils are the major cause of swelling and shrinking, which result in foundation differential movements. Positive drainage is therefore especially important in minimizing the soil-related foundation problems. Major factors that possible causes foundation movements were evaluated and presented systematically in the following sections. The moisture content and liquidity index profiles of the sub-grade soils in these cases are further studies and used to suffice the causation of the foundation distress problems.

In the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas there are homes that are constructed using post-tensioned slab foundation. In combination for with poor site drainage will lead to edge lift on slab foundation; also if the irrigation system in the yard is used a lot, it will lead to excess moisture, thus leading to a need in foundation repair Houston Texas. For the most part foundations are supported over soil, instead of rock in the greater Houston area. Keep in mind that the soils behavior and characteristics tend to have an impact on how the foundation system acts and thus may require foundation repair Houston TX.

Soil is known as a material that can be compressed, which gives out when too much load is applied to it. When the load is too much to bear to support the soil, settlement of foundations will happen. It has been customary to have plan around settlements of a couple of inches when constructing a commercial property. Residential home, do not require excessive loads, therefore lightly loads are applied, which will lead to minor settlement in the foundations.

Foundation Repair Houston Texas

cracks on the wall Since most properties in the Houston area are built in a certain type of soil, they tend to run in more foundation repair Houston Texas problems in comparison to other areas. Also most of Houston’s soil carries a high level of clay, which tends to be sensitive to moisture fluctuations. When you mix water with clay, the clay will expand and lift up, which in turn makes the foundation to pressure from below. Now, if water is removed from the clay, it will contract, which will cause the foundation to not be supported. In order to avoid foundation repair Houston TX, we must analyze and understand the types of soil and their behavior.