Foundation Repair Clear Lake Texas

Foundation Repair Clear Lake Texas

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Welcome to The City of Clear Lake Shores our island of paradise, Yachting Capital of Texas. Home to more boat slips than people. We are located in Galveston County, Texas within the Houston metropolitan area with residential population of about 1,063 according to the 2010 United States Census. The City of Clear Lake Shores has a very wide diversified group of property owners who share a love of living by the water and riding on there customized golf carts, their main means of transportation. The Island has many community events throughout the year including Jammin’ on Jarboe, Children’s Fishing Derby’s, Parades, Holiday functions, Community Dinner’s and nightly sunsets at either one of our beautiful parks.

So come out and see what our City has to offer!

Foundation Repair Clear Lake

Abry Brothers Foundation Repair Clear Lake is the oldest and most experienced Foundation Repair Clear Lake company Since 1840. When it comes to Foundation Repair contractors and providers in Clear Lake, TX, we are the leaders in the foundation repair Clear Lake industry, through our continued dedication to excellence.  We are the resident experts in foundation repair Clear Lake.

Foundation Problems are mainly caused by expansive soil which expands when it is filled with water, and shrinks when the climate is dry. Most of the foundation repair Clear Lake methods that are used now a days, rely on the unstable soil that causes foundations to fail in the first place; That particular foundation repair Clear Lake method is done by placing concrete piers below the surface of the property, whether it is a residential or commercial property.  Abry Brothers Foundation Repair Clear Lake has a vas number of year of experience, in particularly the Clear Lake, Texas area, and through that amount of experience we have been able to successfully repaired many foundation problems, regardless of the size of the issue.

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