Foundation Repair Brenham Texas

UntitledWe all have our ideas of how a real hometown should look and feel. Store fronts made of stone. The familiar jingle of a small bell as you enter through a heavy wooden door. Tin ceilings and tile floors that are smooth from generations of use. People who smile and wave, not because they know you, but because it’s neighborly. It’s real. The way it used to be and the way it is today. Visit downtown Brenham and experience an authentic Texas treasure!

Main Street is dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of historic downtown business districts throughout the country. It is sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and, in Texas, the Texas Historical Commission. These sponsors, through the National Main Street Center, provide direction and support to over 1,000 community programs nationwide. Together, these programs have produced an investment in these districts of more than $5 billion and spurred the rehabilitation of countless historic structures, while providing space for 27,000 new businesses and creating over 100,000 new jobs for local citizens.

The foundation and success of Main Street is based on a cooperative effort between the sponsors and the local government, business owners and lending institutions within the communities that have joined the program. Since rejoining Main Street in 1999, the City of Brenham has experienced a dynamic improvement in its historic downtown district thanks in part to more than $2.25 million spent to date in reinvestment activities.

Our Vision:

We envision downtown Brenham as the heart of our community – where history is preserved, where unique and exciting businesses thrive, and where the community and visitors want to be for restaurants, shopping, living and entertainment.

Our Mission:

To use the 4-point approach to revitalization – organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring – to encourage reinvestment and preservation; and to entice businesses, customers, visitors and downtown residents to the historic district.

Things To Do


The Finance Department is the administrative arm of the City’s financial operations. The department has the responsibility for the City’s overall fiscal operations, annual budget development and financial reporting. Fiscal operations include financial budgeting, accounting and reporting for 34 separate funds including the General Fund and the five Enterprise funds. Other governmental funds include the Debt Service Fund, Internal Service Fund, Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund, BCDC Fund, three capital projects funds, two risk management funds, consumer deposits, deferred compensation and 17 special revenue funds.

The department collects, records, summarizes and reports the results of all financial transactions that occur within the City operations and prepares the City financial statements.

Additional fiscal responsibilities encompass cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. The City’s investment portfolio, capital assets, inventory, grants, purchasing, central warehouse, and municipal court are also managed by the Finance Department.

The City’s Finance Department works in conjunction with the Administration to prepare and provide financial reports to residents. It is the Finance Department’s goal to provide as much information, in a transparent manner, as possible.