How You Can Fix A Flooded Basement

The reality is that an emergency can pop up at just any time. Such emergency can be a flood and your basement gets messily soaked up and all that. Your sump pump could get broken up, your washing could burst up and a variety of miscellaneous misfortunes can besiege you resulting in your basement all muddled with water everywhere.

A flooded basement is no good news for the house owner. Aside from the flooded basement, the destructive effects may spill into the destruction of your personal properties. Your carpet, flooring could all be affected. Worse still, such environment is unsafe as to the health dimension. A flooded basement can even turn into a bacteria factory, massively churning out bacteria, even up to mold growth.

Now, stepping into a flooded basement could be very frustrating and you are grappling with where you are going to start from to fix the mess. All the same, we have to start from somewhere, don’t we? First, we have to get the water all off the ground and then we would clean up and start drying our stuff.

So as we said, the cleaning exercise starts from cleaning up the flood water. Here we will need wet-dry vacuums and you can even need pumps. You can squeeze the water right into your flood drains. There are cases where the fluidity of your flood drain is hampered by clogging materials. You can eradicate all that getting your flood drain backs to active service by means of your pump. It is worth noting here that pumps which run on gasoline are not advisable to use at home or even indoors generally.

After you have sacked all the water, scooping it all off the flood drain, your basement wouldn’t be the small swimming pool it was before. Next, we will have to dry up things hence we will need fans. You will have to properly ventilate your building, so open your windows and fling the doors right apart. We are trying to get as much air in for unhindered movement of air.

Don’t forget that since your basement has been previously flooded, it is very possible that your basement is now susceptible to the growth of mold. To prevent mold and mildew from making a party if your basement, you will have to dry the flooded regions using dehumidifiers.

Next, we are unto cleaning and disinfection proper. Cleaning up a flooded basement goes far beyond hurriedly mopping up the water off the surface. Don’t forget the natural porosity of your walls, your carpet or your floors even. There is thus the fear of contamination possibly from microorganisms as well as the uncomfortable odor that accompanies flooding. We will not forget what cleaning solution we can use here for the cleaning exercise. You can use your detergent for the general clean up, or better still you can also use bleach solutions containing chlorine as well.

A flooded basement can also affect your foundation significantly. There you shouldn’t stop at just the cleanup. Get professional service in evaluating your foundation. We have been repairing foundations for decades and bringing joy to homeowners. Give us a call today, you will be happy you did!


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