How to Determine if the Cracks in Walls Are Serious

//How to Determine if the Cracks in Walls Are Serious

How to Determine if the Cracks in Walls Are Serious

Earlier on we saw that seeing cracks on the walls of your building is not a good omen at all. Cracks in your building are a red sign warning of the ailment of your foundation. However, the severity of these cracks spells the extent of hurt that has been inflicted on your building. In saying this, we see that it would be helpful if you could determine how severe the crack on your wall. The crack could simply be a surface blemish, on the more pessimistic end, it could be far worse. While minor cracks are forgivable given that a building could settle within the first six months of its construction, or possibly years later. But when we begin seeing horizontal cracks, large cracks possibly separation in our walls, it is a big reason for worry. Let us look at some means which you tell the depth of concern a crack in your wall poses, how serious such crack could be.

Cracks appearing on your doors and windows

Cracks could occur on your window and your door. How would you tell if these cracks are subtle or serious? You can have a clue of the situational damage of such cracks by opening or closing the doors inside your property. Watch out, are the doors sticking? Another thing is if these doors are sticking, examine if it is because the wood is cracked or possibly because of paint. Also look out if there is something hinging the door hence constricting the fluid motion of your door. We have learned across our years of foundation repair that when doors begin to stick, there is then the likelihood of a shift in the foundation of your home precipitating a twist in the frame. This could eventually evolve in the formation of cracks in your window or your door. In other cases, you may see a conspicuously arduous hole situated on your door frame, this reeks of settlement in your foundation. The later aftermath of this could be the formation of horizontal cracks in walls that are close by.

Talking about horizontal cracks

The shape of the crack should basically give you an insider information of the extent or severity of the crack. The direction the crack takes or runs through would give you an insight on how consequential the crack may be. Vertical cracks are not as disturbing as horizontal cracks. In fact, most vertical cracks can be brushed around as having less consequence for they could have arisen from the settling of the foundation after it had been constructed. But horizontal cracks aren’t as friendly and should be aptly taken with seriousness. Vertical cracks in more cases take the same direction as drywall. Therefore vertical cracks shouldn’t provoke much worry in us. But horizontal cracks should, most particularly are those intimidating horizontal cracks that sharply bend at 45 degrees. Such cracks clearly point to a guilty foundation in that your foundation could be experiencing hazardous shifting or have been heavily dealt with by water. While you can easily resolve surface blemishes with a touch of paint or sanding tools, it is far from a sound cure for horizontal cracks which are noticeably more dangerous. You would need professional repair service to take care of horizontal cracks which may cut across reconstruction to forestall a darker future for your building.

The nails begin to pop up

When nails begin to readily show their head around the cracks, then all is not well. Take your time to look critically at the wall area around the cracked region. You could see some screws and some nails. These indicate that there is a problem with the structure of your building showing that the cracks are serious.

While you can tell the extent of seriousness of a crack by this methods, the optimal solution is bringing in professional foundation service for a rotund and adequate inspection of your building putting your foundation back to its best shape

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