Growing tree roots

How to control the damages of tree roots to your foundation

Tree roots as we have discussed can wreak havoc on the foundation of your home. We have looked at the case of tree roots growing into your foundation and causing unsavory damages to the structural stability of your home. The habitual growth of these tree roots in a journey for water is a reoccurring plague to homeowners in Dallas, or Texas generally. The soil there is famed for expansion during the wet season only to shrink in dryness eventually warping your foundation and evolving into cracks. Tree roots are not the best guests to allow into your foundation as we have seen. They don’t reciprocate the hospitality of your foundation and in no time can result in the shifting of your foundation. So what can you do to prevent these tree roots which don’t respect boundaries from peering into your foundation?

tree roots foundation

One good way to do is by means of tree barriers. Tree barriers are built in such way that they prevent a sad situation where tree roots are rudely growing into your home. These tree root barriers are built by digging a trench between the trees in your area and the foundation of your home. The depth of this trench is not definite, but in most cases, it is not less than 30 inches. A general rule is to dig the trench in proportion to how deep you estimate the roots of the trees in your domain to be. Now the idea is that the trench should not be breached by the growth of these roots. For this to be realized, you have to fill the trench with material that wouldn’t be compromised and is practically unbridgeable by the trees.

These tree roots barriers bring back stability to your foundation by revitalizing your foundation plane leveling it all again. After dispensing away with the tree roots that have smuggled their way under your foundation sucking the moisture hungrily, the soil in your foundation can now rightly expand into its erstwhile safe state. Such re-expansion would level your foundation again. You can enhance this curative leveling by rolling in an adequate system for your foundation watering. This properly revitalizes the moisture content of the soil beneath your foundation. It would be almost futile trying to restore the levelness of your foundation without appropriately installing a foundation barrier. Big tree roots have an almost gluttonous appetite for water and will suck as much moisture from your foundation insatiably. Neither does it makes sense to be watering your foundation regularly because of the penetration of tree roots; it is almost a reckless hospitality to the tree roots. They shouldn’t be welcomed at all.

However, despite how Messianic tree root barriers may seem, it is not an all and all solution. There are some situations where you shouldn’t use tree roots barriers. One of such situations is when you have a tree that is older than the building. The implication of that elderly tree is that your foundation was possibly built on a soil that is already in harmony with the moisture diet of the tree. That is the soil is already used to the moisture demands of that aged tree hence the roots of that tree will not hurt your foundation. If you, however, choose to aggression and declare war on the gentle tree by building a tree barrier, there could be sad repercussions. By disposing of the roots of such tree, the moisture content of your soil will be excessive and eventually hurt your foundation.