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Is your home’s foundation un-level or uneven? Abry Brothers have been performing house leveling since 1840! House leveling is when professional foundation contractors work to bring the home’s lowest point to match it’s highest point. By evening out the elevation in the foundation of the home, it creates a more structurally sound and stable building. To learn if your house needs to be leveled – call one of our expert craftsmen today for a free no-obligation evaluation.

Basically, it is a commitment to sit down and write each day “at least” five minutes. It is very possible that it seems very little to you. What can I write in five minutes? But the idea is to take the pressure off your brain and create a habit of writing every day. So at a certain time, you sit at the keyboard, or you take your notebook and you withdraw from the world around for “five minutes” and you draw some lines for your story, a paragraph that summarizes the idea that is hanging around your head that day, on how to make your character go to the next level; or about how to finish your story. You can take advantage of creating the titles for the chapters and find a minute to see it here how to do it right. In short, the idea is that five minutes can be transformed into something else and without realizing it you will end up doing fifteen or twenty, or half an hour. Well now that you have the thread of the idea on paper or the screen, you are excited to finish, at least, “this” idea.
What you get with this method is to create a routine or habit and after two or three weeks will be something that your brain will ask you because you enjoy it and you get a sense of progress in your work.
Turn off the TV and use that time to write your ideas on paper. Or go for a coffee with your notebook; or sit down to lunch with pencil and paper every day at work. Or get up half an hour early and turn on the computer without going online or answering the email or anything like that; only “five minutes” to capture the idea that you have been developing in the back of your head throughout the day or night. Or that dream you just had. Try it for 21 days and you will see the huge difference in your way of writing and your enthusiasm.

Slab Stabilization

In some homes where the pilings are too shallow or rotten, homeowners are at risk of their property becoming more uneven. Leaving this problem unattended to will lead to your home sinking further and causing repairs to be more extensive. New concrete slabs are often placed strategically to help raise lower parts of your home or property to the proper height. Trust a contractor who specializes in foundation repair and house leveling to do honest work on your house.


Abry Brothers History of Excellence

Abry Brothers work tirelessly to maintain and build on our long history of remarkable foundation work. Whether you are a homeowner that needs foundation work or an industrial sized commercial company who requires foundation fix, we are here and ready to lend you our expertise. Trust the company that has been leveling houses since 1840. Give one of our trusted foundation repair specialist a call today!

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