Are you in seeing signs of foundation problems?

Will the Do-it-yourself Foundation repair method work?

A problem with the DIY method is that you may be reducing the quality of work of the foundation repair in your home. The importance of a solid foundation is often overlooked, and therefore it isn’t taken seriously when it comes to fixing the damage foundation. Having your home’s foundation repair has many benefits, including the home’s increased value and the prevention of structural and water damage to the property.

The following article will provide us with the answers to the following questions: is it best to leave the foundation repairs to a professional contractor, or is home foundation repair a do it yourself project?

As with any repair, the answer depends on several factors. But before we look at details, here’s the answer in a nutshell:

If your house is built on a crawl space and it’s sinking in the middle rather than the exterior—you may be able to fix it yourself.

If your house is on a slab, or if it’s on a crawl space and is settling around the perimeter—you absolutely need a professional foundation repair contractor.

You may be wondering why. The answer, as simply as possible, is: repairing sinking walls that sit atop concrete requires tools and expertise virtually no homeowner has and involves risks not worth taking. Repairing sagging joists in a crawlspace, however, may be a manageable project for the motivated “do-it-yourselfer” if he/she has some handyman type experience.

Let’s walk through a process to see if you can potentially handle it yourself:

First: Identify Your Foundation Type

Is your home on a slab / basement or a crawlspace? You may know the answer right off. If you’re not sure, take a look at the outside walls of your house. If there’s an access door or a vent near the bottom of any exterior walls, your home is built on a crawlspace. These are especially prevalent in Tyler and Longview, Texas. Otherwise, your home is built on a concrete slab. Slab and basement constructions are also common. If you have a modular home, this article won’t be particularly helpful to you.


Abry Brothers Foundation Repair does not recommend the DIY foundation repair method, because of the following reasons:

Improper Specialized Foundation Repair Equipment

There are plenty videos or home repair blogs that will go into details on how to implement the DIY Foundation Repair method into your home’s foundation problems. These lot of home foundation repair supplies or guides on the internet, simply filling foundation cracks with some carbon fiber or concrete isn’t the most appropriate way to repair a foundation.

Some foundation repairs may require underpinning and piering products to lift or level your foundation, while others will need heavy excavation. Some repairs may even require high-pressure epoxy injections into the cracks and openings.

All these activities involve the use of special equipment that is not only expensive, but also impractical to buy as a homeowner. However, without the proper foundation repair tools, you could be worsening the situation – so it’s better to leave the job up to the professionals.

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DIY Can Negatively Affect Your Home’s Structural Integrity and Value

Many homeowners who attempt DIY repairs usually end up unknowingly causing further damage to their homes. For example, you may use a crack repair tutorial from the internet that may not be tailored to your type of foundation. Or you may attempt a repair that goes poorly, furthering the damage to your home’s foundation and ultimately costing you more money to fix.

Therefore, DIY foundation repair may end up to be costly as you’ll still hire professional foundation repair services to fix the problem, even after investing in some DIY foundation repair kits. It’ll also reduce your home’s value.

You May Not Have a Foundation Problem

Because you’re just a homeowner, you can’t really tell whether leaning walls, wall cracks, and floor cracks are caused a foundation problem or another underlying issue.

You need a professional foundation consultant to confirm that the issues you’re seeing are indeed foundation-related, hence, reduce the risk causing additional damage with a DIY repair. These consultants have the necessary tools, training, and skills to recognize foundation-related problems, their causes, and the best solutions.

Your Home May Not Pass Inspection During a Resale

Today, you can’t sell your home without a thorough inspection. And, any professional home inspector can tell the difference between professional or sloppy DIY foundation repairs. If your foundation is determined to be sub-par, it can severely affect how quickly you can sell your home.

All home buyers want a house that looks good and feels safe. The simple knowledge that your home’s foundation had a DIY repair can be enough to make even the most excited buyer turn away. For this reason, you’ll have to drastically devalue your home or look for professional foundation repair service in your area to take care of the issue with no problems.


Your foundation, and cracks or damage that may occur on it will certainly be unique. This means that a generalized DIY fix won’t solve the problem.

Abry Brothers Foundation Repair offers a range of professional foundation repair services to fix a variety of foundation issues. They include:

Slab Foundation Repair

When you have cracks or any other damages on the slab of your foundation, then you need a slab foundation repair service. This problem is mainly caused by shifting clay soil, plumbing leaks, and extremely hot temperatures.

Our highly skilled technicians will fix fractures and level the structure to stop further deterioration. When you have your foundation slab fixed, the damaged caused by sloping, sinking, and foundation heaving is also corrected.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

If you’re experiencing slopping, sagging, or buckling floors, you’ll need a pier and beam foundation repair to restore the foundation’s appropriate position. What’s more, corroded sill plates, twisting beams, and warped floor joists may also benefit from this repair.

Our technicians will install pressed steel piers and concrete foundation piers to support the weight of the structure and level your floor.

To install the concrete foundation piers, pressed concrete pilings will be forced down into the ground with the help of a hydraulic ram. Depending on the size of the house, this procedure can take 1-3 days. For steel piers, they’re pressed deeply into the soil (up to 75 feet) to stabilize foundations that are subject to gradual movements.


To calculate the cost of repair for your house, get a free foundation repair estimate and request a foundation evaluation from our professionals.

Need more information about our services, feel free to contact us. We service Houston, Longview, Tyler, Beaumont and the entire Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

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