Foundation Repairs

Looking to get your foundation repaired? Abry Brothers have been performing foundation repairs since 1840! Visit our Texas Services Areas.

Repairing Foundations for Over 175 Years

foundation repairsUnlike new companies who hire or contract novice repairmen, we have been in business for well over 175 years. Our contractors are veterans of the field and have the knowledge to deal with complex and difficult foundation repairs jobs. The structural fortitude of your home or commercial property depends on your foundation repairs, trust an experience professional to prevent future vulnerabilities.

“There is to much riding on these jobs to risk them to ignorant or lazy workmen. Our teams are made up of hardworking, intelligent and experienced house leveling professionals.”
– Greg Abry

Deep Drive Foundation System

deepdrivebadgeOur patent pending Deep Drive Technology was custom designed for all types of difficult soil conditions, in particular when working on foundation repairs.  It is designed to stabilize a slab: in the area where the foundation is failing.   The Deep Drive Technology offers 30% more strength and support than a traditional piling and is installed “to refusal” . This is industry jargon for – we’ll put them in until they just won’t go any more.

If your home or business requires foundation repairs or even leveling, Abry Brother’s hydraulic jacking system will be rigged atop the newly installed pilings and the house will be raised until level. Shims will be placed on top of the new pilings to hold and support the structure at its new and true level.  This will also allow for future adjustments should your home or business ever shift

Foundation repairs are often a complicated procedure that requires heavy machinery. We utilize the best technologies on the market when it comes to foundation repairs. Get your foundation fixed properly so that you can have piece of mind you won’t require further repairs in the future. Our company has a massive portfolio of successful projects to prove how reliable our work truly is. Talk to a trusted foundation repairs specialist from Abry Brothers to see if you need work done on your home or business.

Abry Brothers Foundation Repairs History of Excellence

Abry Brothers work tirelessly to maintain and build on our long history of remarkable foundation repairs work. Whether you are a homeowner that needs foundation work or an industrial sized commercial company who requires foundation fix, we are here and ready to lend you our expertise. Trust the company that has been fixing foundation since 1840. Give one of our trusted foundation repair specialist a Call Today!