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Foundation Repair Process

The Simple Pressed Pilings Foundation Repair System.

The soil underneath a building has different layers that are made up of different components. Some are clayey in nature and expands and contracts as it absorbs water and dries, thus laying immense pressure on the foundation of the building.

One major solution to this problem is the use the ‘Simple Pressed Pilings System’ that helps fix the damages without the use of inconvenient heavy machinery.
The Simple Pressed Pilings System has steel rod connecting Piers that help ensure its stability. The concrete parts of the piers also aid it with greater support, as do the concrete cylinders. They move deep into the soil that is generally unaffected by weather conditions. The System can also penetrate into tougher soil and thus is a source of renewed support to the foundation. A simple advantage of this system is that it is quick to install and can be done within a day or two.

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Foundation Repair Process Step 1

Soil Core Test:
 It is to determine the required depth to reach stable soil. For a permanent solutions, it is imperative to use the bell bottom piers,  located in stable soil. If we don’t do a soil core test, the foundation repair contractor will need to be guessing  depth, which can lead to errors when  installing the concrete piles or piers.

Foundation Repair Process Step 2

Boxing: The process of digging a hole (box) until you get to a certain depth to be able to drill to the correct depth; These holes are dug in order to place the piers.

Foundation Repair Process Step 3

Drilling and Belling: Specialized drills are used to dig the holes in order to reach stable soil. Holes are dug with a special drill until stable soil is reached. The depth of these holes depends on the soil conditions of the site.

Foundation Repair Process Step 4

Steel Rebar and Concrete Pour: Once the pier holes are filled with wet concrete, we will proceed to insert the Steel Rebar, the process can be done before or during the pouring of the wet concrete into the holes. The steel rebar is used to reinforce the concrete, which in turn provide strength, and make it permanent.

Foundation Repair Process Step 5

Clean-up: The following step is the clean-up process, which involved on the job site being carefully cleaned, including the removal of all the dirt. Our clean-up crew takes pride on their workmanship, as they know it is a reflection of themselves as professionals, and most importantly, they take pride on delivering customer satisfaction.

Foundation Repair Process Step 6

Curing: As the job site is carefully cleaned, the concrete then awaits to cure (dry) and get hard, which normally takes about two weeks. It will provide the bell bottom piers with strength and stability.

Foundation Repair Process Step 7

Leveling: As the concrete finished to dry up or cure, then we proceed in jacking and leveling the property to its original grade.

Foundation Repair Process Step 8

Mud Pumping: Once  the foundation repair is done, we will fill any voids below the foundation with concrete and mud slurry, in order to provide support between the foundation and the soil prevent future cracking.

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