Foundation Repair Methods

A quick online search for “foundation repair” reveals that there’s no shortage of foundation repair methods or companies proclaiming to do those repairs. In order to protect your investment, it’s important to understand the differing methods, their reliability, and make an informed decision regarding your home.

From Concrete to Steel

found its beginnings over 40 years ago in the use of concrete shoring pads to lift homes. Quickly, we found that the use of shallow piles was not a sufficient foundation repair method: adding more concrete to the footing of a home did nothing to stabilize the home long-term because the footings were still in shallow, shifting soil.

We’ve always been dedicated to research and development, employing in-house engineers. We began to learn more about the “Zone of Influence.” This refers to the area of soil that is affected seasonally by the water cycle—so shallow, shifting soil.

While we were able to achieve slightly more depth and a little more longevity by using concrete pressed piles, we still got consistent call-backs that foundations were shifting. Some companies use concrete shims today. This method provides a cheaper, short-term fix.
We knew we had to find a better, long-term foundation repair method.

The following is an examination of the four noteworthy techniques for establishment repair utilized as a part of Texas. While each has its preferences and its detriments, a one next to the other examination of Dawson’s Bell Bottom Pier technique plainly shows that it is the most solid approach to take care of a home establishment issue for all time. This technique is demonstrated and has been tried after some time. This is the same building idea used to assemble bolster sections for scaffolds and interstate bridges. What’s more, the accompanying connection will help you look at the genuine expense of establishment repair. When you get the actualities, you can be sure about your choice to trust Dawson Foundation Repair.

On the off chance that you might want a more specialized examination of each of the strategies for establishment repair, look at ADSC’s (The Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors) article Potential Heave in the Pressed Concrete and Pressed Steel Piles in Residential Foundation Construction which points of interest difficult issues with heaping techniques in the Dallas metroplex zone and how they can harm your home’s establishment – or investigate the finishes of PhD beneficiary Tom Witherspoon made in Load Capacity Testing and Analysis of Residential Underpinning Systems in Expansive Clay Environment.

Our Patented, Proven Foundation Repair Method

We resolved much of the issue when we began using hydraulically driven steel pilings. Due to the smaller diameter and higher compressive strength, the pilings could be pressed at up to 70,000 pounds of driving force.

With the introduction of a variable-length guide sleeve that prevented buckling of the pile, we finally had a foundation repair method that we could proudly put a lifetime warranty behind. With over 700,000 piles installed, we’ve had less than a 1% failure rate.

Our foundation repair methods and unique piling solutions provide the strength and stability that can only be found in the best American steel. The result is a lasting foundation and the peace of mind of knowing you’re on solid ground for the life of your home.