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Poor Drainage Around Your Home Can Cause Foundation Problems

A home’s drainage is an important part to maintain in good working conditions, as it can be damaging to well being and health of the family. Poor drainage can leave a home vulnerable to health and hygiene problems. It is important to be aware of the warning signs in order to detect any drainage problems, and be able to get it fix. Abry Brothers Foundation Repair has the ability and many years of experience in drainage repair and drainage system installation. Through years of experience, they have developed the right drainage process to offer the best solution to your drainage.

The clayey soil beneath the surface of a house, in particular in the Dallas, Houston, and surrounding cities in Texas will expand and contract as it absorbs water and then dries up. As it continues to move, shifting of the soil will occur under the surface of a building, at which point, it will result in foundation problems, thus needing immediate foundation repair.

Properties that have a landscape slopping on to it will likely face drainage problems, just as the ones that also have a poor drainage system.

Slopping Landscape: When the landscape around the house slops towards it, water tends to clog around the house, which will cause the soil to dampen and lead to unnecessary foundation repair. Sprinklers can also be a problem, if not placed properly, as they will hinder the foundation with water, thus giving your home foundation problems.

Drains: The absence of a good drainage system in your house leads to its seclusion from the main system of waste disposal, which leads to the dumping of wastewater on the soil around the house. Excessive moisture will cause movement of the soil as it contracts and expands as it dries, and shakes the foundations of your home. Cracks will become noticeable on the walls and floor due to the movement of the foundation; other signs of foundation problems will be the doors and windows being stuck. Protecting all the sides of the home will avoid costly foundation repair.

Excessive moisture in the Soil: Excess of water causes the soil to expand due to pressure. As the soil expands, it causes damage to the foundation of the house.

The first step towards preventing this damage is to understand the grading of your house. It is also essential that you and your landscaper be on the same page as to the grading technique that you adopt. Properly grading will help fix your drainage problem by rapidly moving water away from your home’s foundation. You may reduce problems in the foundation of your home by properly grading around it. If the grading is not properly done it will lead to problems, such as foundation cracks, mold, and erosion.

It is advisable to have a specialist inspect your home, so they can determine the best course of action to take to ensure the drainage problem is fix immediately and efficiently, so it will not lead to any need for foundation repair.

Steps need to be taken to ensure that the problem of poor drainage does not linger. The issues that revolve a drainage control system must be addressed in order to plug any leaks that could exist.

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Poor Drainage
PointersIn order to protect your house from the various hazards that exists around it, it is necessary that as the owner you take as many precautionary steps as possible.Some of the possible measures that could be adopted are as follows.* Check your house after a heavy rain to locate the areas around your house that tend to stand a lot of water.* Maintain a system of proper drainage.* Do not water your plants more than they need.* Landscape plants must be avoided within 2 feet from the house.

* Keep plants away from the foundation of the house. Plants that need a lot of water must be kept at least 6 inches away from the foundation of the house.

* Do not keep the back pool close to the foundation of the house, as water can seep to around 15 inches underground.

* Ensure that the soil around your house is not higher.

* It is also essential to install rain gutters that could help prevent a lot of damage.

* Avoid stagnant water bodies near the house. It could reduce the hygienic condition of your home.