Do You Have a Water Leak in Your Home?

//Do You Have a Water Leak in Your Home?

Do You Have a Water Leak in Your Home?

By far, one of the most common causes of foundation failure is water leaks in the home. Over time, even small leaks can erode away the soil beneath your foundation, causing the slab to shift and settle. Of course, a settling foundation is never good news – it can cause misalignments in your home and cause the foundation to crack and break under uneven strains.
Unfortunately, water leaks are not always immediately obvious. In fact, it can be very difficult to tell that you have a leak in your home until serious damage has already occurred. In this article, we’ll take a look at the signs you will want to watch for that tell you if a water leak is present as well as what you can do if you suspect that there is a water leak in your home.
Signs of a Water Leak
If a pipe or sewer line beneath your home has cracked and begun to leak, it can be difficult to notice the problem right away. Nevertheless, there are certainly signs that you will want to watch for.
Saturated soil in isolated areas around your foundation is one of the first things to watch for. You may be able to spot a water leak fairly quickly if you can see signs of water in the ground where there shouldn’t be any.
An unexplainable spike in your water or energy bill is another sign that you may have a water leak. Of course, these bills will naturally fluctuate, but they shouldn’t rise dramatically without an obvious cause.
Water leaks may also cause discoloring in your floors as well as a bad odor coming from your floor. A bad odor is an especially common sign of a water leak if your sewer line has cracked.
All of these things are signs of a water leak that you may be able to notice fairly quickly. If you repair the issue soon enough, you can avoid any serious damage to your foundation. If, however, you do not notice a water leak quickly enough, the leak may begin to manifest itself in more troubling ways.
Once a water leak has damaged your foundation, you may begin to notice a number of foundation damage symptoms. These symptoms include things such as doors and windows that no longer open and close properly, areas of your home that have shifted or are leaning, cracks in your foundation, cracks in the sheetrock on your walls and your ceiling, and cracks in your exterior bricks or stucco.
While all of these are signs that it may be too late to entirely prevent the leak from damaging your foundation, it’s still important to address the issue as soon as possible. Left unfixed, a water leak can continue to wreak havoc on your foundation, damaging it more and more as time goes on.
If you notice any signs at all that your home may be incurring damage from a water leak, you need to schedule an inspection from a foundation repair specialist as soon as possible.
Leak Detection and Foundation Repair
If your foundation repair specialist determines that a water leak is the most likely cause of the damage your home is experiencing, the first step will be to pinpoint the source of the leak. At Abry Brothers, we make use of advanced, non-invasive leak detection methods in order to find the source of the leak in a way that is as minimally disruptive as possible.
Once a water leak has been located, the next step is to repair the leak as soon as possible and put a halt to the damage that it is causing. From there, your foundation repair specialist will assess the damage that is already present and develop a plan to repair any issues with your foundation that the water leak has created. You can also try to fix the leak yourself. To do this, you need to have minimal technical skills and acquire the necessary means to eliminate leaks. You can make such a purchase at a discount by copying the coupon here. You will spend several minutes and the leak will be eliminated.
In many cases where a water leak is noticed early enough, the amount of repairs required to reverse its damage are minimal. This is why it is so important to contact a foundation repair specialist as soon as you notice any signs that you may have a water leak in your home. In the end, early detection and a quick response can save you thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.
At Abry Brothers, we have been detecting water leaks and repairing the damage that they cause since 1840. While our commitment to excellence has remained the same since we first opened our doors, the modern methods we use today put us on the cutting edge of leak detection and foundation repair.
If you have noticed any signs that there might be a water leak in your home, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. An expert foundation repair specialist will be happy to inspect your home and determine the best path forward to prevent any damage to your foundation.

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