DIY Foundation Home Inspection

Foundation Home Inspection

When it comes to doing a foundation home inspection, most homeowners put it aside until they want to sell the home or it becomes bad. According to Popular Mechanics roughly 1.4 million American homes sold without having an inspection, when the housing bubble burst, .

It is highly advisable to do a foundation home inspection, even if you are not planning on moving. It will prevent further damages to the foundation, that can be costly over time.

Implementing a DIY foundation home inspection analysis of your home can lead to saving thousands of dollars in the future. Sure, having a professional conduct your foundation home inspection is better, you can still have value on your DIY process. The DIY foundation home inspection can catch problems early on, and will be able to fix them affordably before they get worse (and more expensive)

We have put together a DIY foundation home inspection checklist to get you started. The first 3 items that you will need are:

  1. Clipboard
  2. flashlight
  3. free afternoon:

1. Inspecting for Foundation Damage

It has come to be know that the foundation of a home is the most important component of the entire home. Since it is the most he important, we have created a foundation home inspection checklist. Some of the important items to be on the look out for are cracks, crumbling concrete, buckling pillars or water damage.

If you notice that the first signs are bad or in danger of worsening, call in a foundation repair professional immediately.

2. Cracked, Crumbling or Peeling

As you being to do foundation home inspection on the walls, it is advisable to look in the interior and exterior:

  • There are horizontal and vertical cracks’ Vertical cracks are unsightly, and horizontal cracks lead to foundation troubles.
  • Walls with condensation, mold or stains, mold are indication of water damage.

3. Windows and Doors

A visible sign is when doors and windows aren’t closing properly. They are usually loose-fitting and the windows often stick. Fixing the gaps will lead you to saving you a lot of money in light bill.

Important Home Inspection Tip

Inspect your home as if you were the one purchasing it, so you won’t be careless or biased when doing your foundation home inspection. Be though on yourself. You can even involve the entire family,s o they can be aware of the foundation problem signs.