How Damage to Your Home’s Foundation can lead to a Wet Basement

The foundation of your home is as important as the good condition of your basement. In fact, the building owes its existence to the foundation. There is a good degree of intersection between the foundation of the home and the wetness of the basement. The intersection is to such extent that some damages to the foundation can lead to an accumulation of water in the basement. This can be caused for the following reasons.

  • Stair-Step cracks in concrete block walls—This can even further degenerate into a wider opening that can lead to the development of a pool of water in the basement with time. Cracks usually come as the building age. With the passage of time, strains and stress on the building because of load, lead to the development of cracks and destroys the foundation. Water gradually leaks and sips through these cracks and accumulate in the basement after a while.


  • Bowed bricks—Usually, the moment you begin to observe crack running upwards on the wall or water befriending your floors, then you have your indicators that your basement is water-logged. But one other possible means through which water can find its way to the basement is when the building has developed bowed brick walls. This is often associated with two categories of houses: the homes that have stayed very long and is wearing out, and homes whose foundation carry more than the estimated load when construction was going on. The wall takes the figure of a bow, and this leads to damage to the foundation which consequently causes water leaks into the basement.


  • Tiny openings in the foundation of new homes—Newly built homes have a greater tendency of developing cracks primarily because of the fact that the floors are as hard as they should be to prevent any damages. Once a new home develops a crack, the odds are that it would soon stretch on until it has made a significant impression upon the walls and the entire home. It is through these cracks that water sips into the building and finds its way to accumulate at the basement, needless to say, after the foundation has been damaged.


A Synopsis of the Health Implications of a Wet Basement

On the event that water leaks into the basement, the home is no longer safe. Molds can develop over time, the cracks can become wider, and the basement environment gradually becomes inconvenient. In fact, the molds can eventually begin to develop in the air channels and other openings, posing health threats to the occupants of the home. This situation gets severe when the basement is still under construction.

In light of the foregoing, we can easily reach the conclusion that a damaged foundation is largely woven into the eventual possibility of a wet basement. The solution, however, is simple. Get a professional foundation repair engaged as soon as possible in the repair of the foundation. By so doing, you would gradually dry your basement, or prevent it from getting wet altogether.

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