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Can tree roots affect your foundation?

You certainly can’t neglect the effects of tree roots on your foundation. Some foundation damages can be rightly attributed to probing tree roots. From our experience, we have seen a wholesome number of cases where slab foundations were compromised by tree roots especially in North Texas. In the case of the disruptive tree roots in North Texas, this is largely because of the prevalent clay soils in North Texas where the infamous expansion of such soils is triggered by water retention.

You may rightly ask to what precision tree roots can affect your foundation. This can be a number of ways. Some tree roots are “curious” and intruding, probing and eventually stretching into your foundation. These tree roots will drink the moisture off the soil on which your foundation lies. When moisture is extensively extracted from the soil, it possibly dries up. And when it does there is the contraction of the soil around your foundation. This could eventually provoke movement and shifts in your foundation. We have seen that slab foundations are very vulnerable to the contraction inspired by these tree roots as explained. A good number of cracks we have seen across our years in foundation repairs can be traced down to tree roots that invaded the foundation of the building.

This movement of tree roots is as similar as the survival instinct we see in humans. These roots need water as an uncompromising diet, and if they don’t get it, they die. It is as simple as that. Such desperation pulls them to search for water at all cost, and if it be that it is in your foundation that they source that water or moisture, they are going to try sneak in. And it is so sad that your foundation needs the moisture as much as the thirsty tree roots need the moisture.

Many trees have roots that are notorious for their probing habits. They have a great capacity to grow towards water. Among these stubborn trees are willows. These trees have roots that have the admirable capacity to grow to almost double the height of the tree. Some other tree roots can even grow to such surprising extent that their length triples the height of the tree. We have seen cases of tree roots multiplying (in tens) the diameter of the stem of the tree. These ferocious growing tree roots are guaranteed harbingers of foundation failure. These roots can even impede the fluidity of the plumbing pipes in your building. These ultimately prompts the cracking of concrete slabs.

These tree roots in some cases as explained have a threatening strength and can exert a disturbing amount of pressure on your foundation. We have come across where the power of these roots has pushed foundations upward all in the search for moisture. This is more common with slab foundations, however. It would be greatly unwise to ignore the invasive impact of tree roots on your foundation. Due wisdom suggests that you take preemptive steps to remedy the situation before things spiral out of control and your foundation gets really afflicted. Feel free to quickly give us a call today to come and inspect your foundation.

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