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Addison is a small city located in the Dallas, Texas area. The population of Addison in the 2010 census was 13,056 with an with a total area of 4.4 square miles or 11 square kilometers.

Addison has unique amenities, innovative developments, nationally acclaimed events, internationally recognized brands, and more restaurants per capita than any city in the U.S., Addison is the destination in North Texas for fast-paced business and world-class fun!

A great place to start a business, start your career or start a family, Addison is DFW’s ideal destination to live, work and play. Designed with entrepreneurial innovation and driven by community spirit, our unique 4.4-square mile urban enclave boasts 170+ restaurants, 22 hotels, upscale living, unique retail shops and more than 12 million square feet of office space.
Addison combines the energy, vibrancy, entertainment and commerce of a large city with small town sensibilities, creating an easy-to-use, friendly and accessible environment. Our progressive growth is engineered to support and promote your personal and professional progress.

Foundation Repair Addison

Addison’s clay tends to be a problem to properties and their concrete slab foundations. As rain falls, the clay soils absorb water, which causes it to swell;  the swelling leads to an “uplift” to the structure, which leads to damage concrete foundations. Similarly, when weather conditions are very hot and dry the clay soils will lose significant amounts of water and shrink dramatically. When the soils shrink and lose contact with a concrete slab foundation, the foundation has literally lost its support. If the area of shrinkage is large enough then the foundation will crack and collapse until it reaches its support – which is the shrunken clay soil.

Abry Brothers Foundation Repair Addison uses the Bell Bottom Pier method for its foundation repair Addison. There is a simple reason for using this method – it works and it is permanent. Highway overpasses and bridges use this method of pouring concrete into excavated holes and reinforcing the concrete with steel rebar. There are other foundation repair methods available. Compare methods of foundation repair Addison here.

The City of Addison has shallow bedrock and very rocky soil, which consist of  silty clay, loam, and gravel. The soil is plasticity, which makes it dependent on weather and moisture conditions, the soil can swell or shrink in large volumes. The swelling and shrinking of the soil will lead to crack concrete slabs, which will cause foundation damage, and a need for foundation repair Addison.

The climate in the City of Addison is humid subtropical, along with very hot summers and high heat-humidity indexes. With these types of hot conditions, the soil will dehydrate, which causes cracked concrete foundation slabs.

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