6 Foundation Repair Myths

//6 Foundation Repair Myths

6 Foundation Repair Myths

Even with an abundance of information on the topic available, myths surrounding foundation damage and repair continue to abound. In some cases, these myths can be quite harmful, as they can prevent homeowners from taking the right approach when they notice signs that their foundation is damaged.
To clear up some of the confusion and to help you avoid falling victim to one of these misconceptions, we’ll take a look at the top six myths regarding foundation repair.
Myth #1: Foundation Repair is Always Extremely Expensive
While it’s true that severe foundation damage can be quite costly to repair, many foundation issues can be fixed without heavy machinery, invasive repairs, and other things that jack up the cost of a project.
In fact, correcting foundation damage is sometimes as simple using injected polyurethane to keep water out of your foundation. In the end, every foundation repair project is unique. Some projects are quite costly, while others may only cost a few hundred dollars.
Myth #2: Foundation Damage is Always the Result of Poor Construction
Many times, when a homeowner discovers that their foundation is damaged, they immediately assume that poor construction must be to blame. This is certainly true in some instances, however, it’s not always the case.
Foundation damage can come from a number of sources. The weather, your landscaping habits, the type of soil your home is built on, and more can all play a role in foundation damage. Poor construction is just one possible cause out of many, and it will typically take an expert eye to determine the true cause of the damage.
Myth #3: Filling Cracks Will Fix the Problem
Upon discovering a crack in their foundation, many homeowners will simply fill the crack with epoxy and call it good. While there’s nothing wrong with filling in cracks in your foundation – and doing so might actually be beneficial – it isn’t going to fix the larger problem.
Filling in a crack may keep water out of it, but it isn’t going to stop the crack from growing larger or stop more cracks from forming. It’s a band-aid solution at best and a false sense of security at worst.
Myth #4: It’s Okay to Hold off on Repairs
Many issues within the home demand immediate attention. For example, if a broken pipe is flooding your home, it won’t be long before you have a plumber on the phone. Foundation damage, however, is much easier to ignore. This is unfortunate, since ignoring foundation damage is the worst thing that you can do.
Foundation issues only grow worse – and costlier to repair – as time goes on. While a small crack may seem like something you can live with, that small crack may lead to much bigger issues if left unaddressed.
Anytime you notice signs that your foundation may be damaged, it’s important to contact a foundation repair expert as soon as possible. Waiting could both compromise the integrity of your home and cost you a lot more money in the long run.
Myth #5: Cracks can be Used to Determine the Source of the Damage
Following the cracks in your foundation back to the source of the damage may seem logical, but it isn’t an accurate way to pinpoint the problem. The forces at play on a foundation are complex, and issues in one area of your foundation can create cracks in entirely different areas.
In other words, it isn’t always possible to pinpoint the cause of the damage by following the cracks back to their source. In order to account for all of the complexities at play, a more complex method must be used.
Myth #6: Never Purchase a Home with a Foundation Problem
As a general rule, this might be sound advice. However, it’s important to understand that foundation issues can be completely fixed. If you’ve found a great home at a bargain price, you shouldn’t necessarily let foundation damage scare you away. Fixing those issues and completely restoring the home’s foundation may end up costing less than the discount you received on the home.
It’s always important to do your homework and determine how much it will cost to repair the foundation before you close on a home with foundation issues. However, there are many cases where purchasing a home with a damaged foundation and having that foundation repaired is actually a very financially sound decision.
The number of myths surrounding foundation repair simply make it that much more important to work with an experienced foundation repair service that understands the true nature of foundation damage and repair.
At Abry Brothers, we’ve been repairing foundations since 1840, giving us an immense amount of experience and expertise to draw from. If you would like to learn more about how Abry Brothers can help repair your damaged foundation, we invite you to contact us today.

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