10 Troubling Consequences of Foundation Failure

//10 Troubling Consequences of Foundation Failure

10 Troubling Consequences of Foundation Failure

Foundation failure is certainly a problem that makes itself well-known is some of the worst ways possible. If your foundation has been damaged due to any number of causes, chances are there are going to be several problems that arise from this damage. Below, we’ll take a look at ten troubling consequences of foundation failure.

1) Cracks in Your Walls

A shifting foundation can place large amounts of strain on your walls, which can cause deep cracks to form in the drywall and sheetrock. Seeing your home’s walls crack and tear apart is one of the most noticeable and most concerning consequences of foundation failure.

2) Splits in Your Flooring

In the same way that a shifting foundation places stress on your walls, it can place stress on your flooring as well, causing the floor to crack and split. If you have wood or tile flooring, these cracks may be easily noticeable as the tile or wood may crack and split along with the cement beneath it, but carpet flooring might make it more difficult to notice these splits.

3) Difficulty Closing or Opening Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows will only open and close correctly when they are perfectly aligned with the wall around them. A shifting foundation, though, can cause the walls surrounding your doors and windows to become misaligned. This misalignment can make it difficult or even impossible for you to open or close your doors and windows all the way, if you are able to open or close them at all. The same applies to your garage door as well, which may not open and close properly if your foundation is failing.

4) Pest Infestations

The damage that a failing foundation can cause to your home is troublesome enough, but a failing foundation can also open up your home to a whole new category of problems – pest infestations. The key to keeping small pests such as spiders, ants, termites, and more out of your home is to keep your home secured so that there is nowhere for them to enter. When there are cracks in your foundation and subsequently cracks in your walls, though, pests can use these cracks as a way to gain access into your home. The silver lining of all this is that once your foundation is repaired your pest infestation problem may go away as well.

5) Unlevel Floors and Walls

Do you have trouble getting pictures on your walls to stay straight, and/or does the furniture on your floor not sit level? If so, these issues are quite possibly the result of a failing foundation that has shifted your floors and walls so that they are no longer level.

6) Moisture in Your Crawl Space

If you own a pier and beam house, a failing foundation can cause water to collect in the crawl space of your home. This water can may end up rotting the wooden beams beneath your house and may attract termites into your home. Water in a house’s crawl space also often causes a musty smell that lingers in the house. For all of these reasons, it’s important to try and minimize the water in your crawl space as much as possible while you are waiting for your foundation to be repaired.

7) Cracking Bricks

If you have a brick home, it isn’t just the drywall and sheetrock on the inside of your walls that you have to worry about cracking when your foundation fails – the bricks on the outside of your home can crack and split as well. Once again, this is caused by the large amounts of strain that a shifting foundation places on the walls of your home.

8) A Leaning Chimney

If your home has a chimney and you notice that it is leaning, the cause may be problems with your foundation. It’s important to note, though, that the direction in which your chimney is leaning can tell you a lot about the cause of the problem. If your chimney is leaning toward your house, the issue is most likely with the house’s structure rather than its foundation, and if the chimney is leaning away from the house then a failing foundation is likely the cause.

9) Gaps at the Bottom of Your Stairs

If the foundation of your house sinks down, it could lower your floor and create gaps between the bottom of your stairs and the floor. These gaps are not only an aesthetic problem, they can also create a tripping hazard.

10) Reduced Value of Your Home

A house that has foundation problems is going to be worth significantly less than one that does not. If you plan to sell your home at any point, it is certainly a good idea to fix any issues with your foundation that might exist before you put your home on the market.

What can be Done to Fix These Problems?

All of the issues above paint a pretty dire picture of foundation failure. It’s certainly a serious problem that can lead to many other serious problems as well.

The good news is that there are ways to fix a failing foundation and repair your home. However, it’s much easier to fix foundational problems when you first notice them than it is to try and fix foundation problems that have fully developed as well as fix all of the other damages that a failing foundation can cause.

As soon as you notice any sign that your foundation might be failing, we urge you to contact the foundation repair experts at Abry Brothers. We’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your foundation problems and come up with an effective solution that will restore your home to perfect condition in little time at all.

Foundation failure can certainly be cause for concern, but when you count on professionals who are experts at repairing failing foundations you can rest assured that the issue will be addressed in the most effective way possible.

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